Exercise Journal

More Than a Month Later (09/24/2017)

Been side-lined by some unexpected groin lymph node swelling. Mostly better now, but long hours in bed makes a guy think.

On some thought, I don’t really want to get ripped, especially if the price is possible injury and chronic pain. Getting buff also means I have to stay buff, which is a level of life-long effort I don’t see much point in.

So I’m pivoting my goal to increasing lower-body strength, getting good at cooking cheap, protein-rich meals, and being able to do a chin-up. We’ll see where things go from there.

For now, I’ll just try Scooby’s fun beginner work-out and set up the equipment I bought.

A Note on Hiatus (08/18/2017)

I’ve spent much of the past two months coming to terms with my desires.

For the first time in my life, I feel truly comfortable and happy with who I am. Full steam ahead!

Power Rack Shipment Arrived (07/04/2017)

Stretching going well. Yesterday, the power rack arrived. Its packaging was intact, but cracked open, and an apologetic UPS driver mentioned it must have fallen apart while en route. You get what you pay for with free shipping, I guess.

This will be fun to get assembling.

Stretching (07/02/2017)

There is no reason to be alive if you can’t do the deadlift!
Jon Pall Sigmarsson

Unfortunately, deadlifts and squats (essential portions of any routine) are impossible for me to execute properly at my current level of flexibility (curse you, sedentary lifestyle!). To that end, my first order of business is several weeks of hamstring stretches, along with a few others. Hopefully this loosens me up enough to bend down and grab a barbell without rounding my back.

A few standing hamstring stretches, four times a day should hopefully let me move onto the actual exercise portion. My workout supplies are also en route from the CAP warehouse, so assembling them will also take some time.

Initial Commit (06/25/2017)

My goal is to end up like Jack LaLanne.

To get there, I’m going to be following the routine outlined in Mike Matthews’ Bigger, Leaner, Stronger. Aiding me in my epic quest are a power rack, Olympic weightlifting bar, and bench, as well as a pair of adjustable dumbbells and exercise ball.

Altogether, an expense of around five hundred dollars. For the price of a new video game console, I hopefully have set myself up for a lifetime of strength, happiness, and power. Strength will make me more attractive to friends and coworkers, let me be healthy well into my old age, and make me a better lover. Win, win, win!

I’ll try documenting as much as possible here. I’m going to hit a ton of dead ends, but in five or so years, I aim to have attained my genetic potential.

Created on June 25 2017, last modified on October 1 2017.